Supported Living


Supported Accommodation

Shared Houses

You have a tenancy for your bedroom and shared use of other facilities. The house is shared with a number of others – depending on its size. The kitchen and bathroom facilities are usually shared.

If you have moderate needs, this is a good way to enjoy the company of other people. Shared houses also work well if you need full support with daily living tasks or if you have complex needs.

Supported Accommodation

Flats with Background Support

You have a tenancy for your own flat with a kitchen and bathroom. Usually, the other flats in the building are let by One Fylde to people with a learning disability. The building may have a communal lounge where you can watch tv or chat with other tenants. There will be a staff base, with staff available as needed. Background support may be available all the time, or for part of the time, depending on your needs.

This is a good choice if you already have shared living skills or want a home where you can grow in independence.

Supported Accommodation

Independent Living

You are provided with a tenancy for a house or flat to live in, and may access Homecare support if required. Having a One Fylde tenancy – instead of one from a private landlord – means that you can get help with repairs and maintenance which is carried out by trusted tradespeople. If your needs change, adaptations to the house can be made quickly and well.

This is a good choice for people who want to live in a safe, supported environment with full control of their home and who like to live alone.

Supported Accommodation

One Fylde Homecare Service

Do you live in your own home already? The One Fylde Homecare Service can provide the support you need to maintain your independence and continue living in your own home.

Our Homecare assistants can help with everything from grocery shopping and laundry to housekeeping and meal preparation. In addition, they can provide valuable companionship, helping to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Independent Living

"I love One Fylde, they have taught me to be independent, plan my activities and help me make the right choices. I'd be lost without them."


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One Fylde is a locally focused, independent, community-led charity providing support and housing to people with learning disabilities and autism across the Fylde Coast.

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